Quality Clauses

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The supplier and all in the supply chain shall flow down to their suppliers the applicable requirements of this purchase order, including any key characteristics.
The supplier is required to maintain a quality of manufacturing or a supply of a service. The system may be subject to a quality review by Bigelow Aerospace.
During performance against this purchase order, any deviations noted from established drawings must be reported to the buyer immediately. No deviation will be considered approved without written confirmation of the fact from buyer. Under no circumstances are changes or repairs to be undertaken without written approval from buyer.
The supplier shall develop and maintain a Foreign Object Debris/Damage FOD prevention program to prevent introduction of foreign objects into any item delivered under this purchase order.
The supplier shall develop and maintain an ESD control program that meets the requirements to the latest revision of JEDEC Standard JESD625 and includes documented employee training.

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Quality clauses Questionnaire Survey
Quality clauses Questionnaire Survey