Bigelow Aerospace

Quality Forms for Download:

Quality Clauses

Q-001 Flow Down Requirements
The Supplier shall flow down to their suppliers the applicable requirements of this purchase order, including any key characteristics.

Q-002 Quality System
The supplier is required to maintain a quality system that complies to the requirements of ISO 9001 or AS9100. The system may be subject to a quality review by Bigelow Aerospace unless third party registration can be provided.

Q-003 Discrepancies
During performance against this purchase order, any deviations noted from established drawings must be reported to the buyer immediately. No deviation will be considered approved without written confirmation of the fact from buyer. Under no circumstances are repairs to be undertaken without written approval from buyer.

Q-004 FOD Foreign Object Debris / Damage Program
The supplier shall develop and maintain a Foreign Object Debris/Damage FOD prevention program to prevent introduction of foreign objects into any item delivered under this purchase order.

Q-005 ESD Electrostatic Discharge Control Program
The supplier shall develop and maintain an ESD control program that meets the requirements of JEDEC Standard JESD625-A and includes documented employee training.

Q-006 Cleanliness
Cleanliness levels for all hardware shall be identified on all engineering drawings. Handling, Cleaning and Encapsulation of material can be performed in a facility that is environmentally controlled to class 100,000 conditions or better.

Q-007 Approved Suppliers
Supplier must maintain a record of approved suppliers that includes status of approval and scope of approval.

Q-008 Approved Process
All processing shall be accomplished by NADCAP or Bigelow Aerospace approved process suppliers. Processes specified on Bigelow Aerospace drawings must be performed by sources listed on the Bigelow Aerospace Approved Supplier List.

Q-009 Supplier Design / Process Changes
The Supplier shall notify and obtain approval from Bigelow Aerospace for changes in design, manufacturing, assembly processes, location or source of supply of their products.

Q-010 Key Characteristics
Statistical Process Control is required on this Purchase Order. The supplier shall identify the statistical techniques in establishing, controlling and verifying process capability and product characteristics. Documented methods and procedures for variability reduction shall be established and maintained.

Q-011 Certificate of Calibration
The calibration service shall provide a certificate of calibration for each item calibrated. The certificate must include the date of calibration, readings "as received" and "after adjustment" if applicable, calibration due date, model and serial number of the equipment used in calibration and a statement that all equipment/standards used are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Q-012 Acceptance Test Plan
Acceptance testing shall be performed to the supplier's prepared ATP approved by Bigelow Aerospace. The ATP must be submitted for Bigelow Aerospace approval at least 30 days prior to acceptance testing.

Q-013 Right of Access
Bigelow Aerospace and or Bigelow Aerospace Customers have the right to access the facilities where the processing/manufacturing and assembly of the product is performed.

Q-014 Standards of Workmanship
The supplier must maintain written standards of workmanship directly applicable to the nature and level of work performed under the Purchase Order. A copy shall be supplied upon request.

Q-015 Fracture Critical Control
The supplier shall comply with the requirements of all Flight and Fracture critical designated products. Changes in sequencing of manufacturing or any other substitutions are not allowed. The supplier must follow all instructions without deviations unless written permission is authorized.

Q-016 Surveillance
Designated representatives of regulatory authorities and the buyer including its direct or indirect customer shall have the right to review and monitor the quality system of the supplier. Bigelow Aerospace will coordinate with supplier, mandatory surveillance points. Supplier shall give Bigelow Aerospace reasonable notice prior to start of any processing, manufacturing or assembly relative to the purchase order. The supplier is expected to grant a designated representative access to the facility where the production of contracted items takes place.

Q-017 Source Inspection
Source Inspection is required for all materials and services supplied under this Purchase Order, prior to assembly and throughout all processing and testing. Evidence of source inspection must accompany each shipment.

Q-018 Nondestructive Inspection
Seller shall include with each shipment a certificate of inspection that list the Nondestructive inspections performed and must include the inspector's signature and stamp and Nondestructive test.

Q-019 Destructive Analysis
A part of suitable size and configuration for destructive analysis shall accompany each shipment made against this order. The part shall be the same material and shall have been processed with the lot it represents through all processes.

Q-020 Government Source Inspection
Government Source Inspection is required prior to shipment from supplier's facility. On receipt of this order, promptly furnish a copy of this contract to the government representative. Evidence of government source inspection must be included with each shipment.

Q-021 First Article Inspection
First Article Inspection is required at supplier's facility. The First Article Inspection must be documented on form AS9102 or equivalent, so long as the equivalent form contains the same information required by AS9102. First Article Inspection shall be performed on all new first production lots of a specific part number prior to shipment. New First Article Inspections are also required when any changes occurs in characteristics or dimensions which affect the original First Article.
The report must accompany the identified part.

Q-022 Digital Data
Digital media / data must be controlled. Supplier must provide a Digital Data control plan for approval prior to receipt of data.

Q-023 Raw material Test Reports
The original mill or foundry of chemical or physical test reports signed by authorized representative with title for material used in fulfilling this Purchase Order must be included. The lot number of each report must be traceable to the material. The test report must include objective evidence of compliance to the material's condition. Copies of each test report must be submitted with each shipment.

Q-024 Objective Evidence of Dimensional Inspection
Supplier shall provide objective evidence with each shipment that all goods furnished under this purchase order/contract were dimensionally inspected for compliance with drawing and other purchase order/contract requirements. Objective evidence shall consist of records of actual readings taken during the inspection of each part, with the dimension and its tolerance noted.

Q-025 Corrective Action
Acceptance of this purchase order obligates the supplier to perform, upon request, a corrective action investigation when discrepant material is received. A written report shall be furnished, within a reasonable time period, which is specific and conclusive to prevent a reoccurrence of the discrepancy.

Q-026 Supplier Product Nonconformance
Bigelow Aerospace must be notified when there is/are Nonconforming product. Bigelow Aerospace must approve all Nonconforming product dispositions.

Q-027 Certificate of Compliance
A Certificate of Compliance shall accompany all shipments. Certificate of Compliance must be signed by authorized representative with title. The COC must reflect all information necessary to identify the product, quantity, current revisions and all services or processes performed.

Q-028 Limited Life Material
When product includes using materials with a limited life, the supplier shall include the expiration date of the materials used and batch identification on the required certifications.

Q-029 Part Identification / Traceability
Method of Part identification must be approved by Bigelow Aerospace. Traceability is required on all raw materials to the manufacture source. Components need to be traceable to lot numbers during manufacturing.

Q-030 Packaging and Handling
As a minimum, the supplier must package all material in a manner that will ensure protection against corrosion, oxidation, deterioration and physical damage during shipment.

Q-031 Counterfeit Goods
Supplier shall not furnish to Bigelow Aerospace any Goods under this contract that are "Counterfeit Goods," or substitute of an Original Equipment Manufacturer or Original Component Manufacturer.

Q-032 ITAR Registration
Seller shall comply with International Traffic in Arms Regulation §122.1, Registration requirements.

Q-033 Records Retention
Supplier shall establish a documented procedure to define the controls needed for identification, storage, protection, retrieval, retention and disposition of records. Retain all item records pertaining to materials or services provided under this contract for a period of five (5) years (if not otherwise specified).

Q-034 Safety and Health Plan
Supplier must maintain a Safety and Health Plan that addresses employee and subcontractor's safety and occupational health for work that is completely or partly on the supplier's premises, property owned or controlled by Bigelow Aerospace or the Government, and contracted offsite locations.

Q-035 Government Furnished Property
Supplier must maintain a Property Management Plan that adheres to the provisions of FAR 52.245-1 Government Property.

Q-036 Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) must accompany all shipments of this contract. In additional if the suppler is aware of any additional precautions and/or handling requirements; the supplier is requested to submit those safeguards with the MSDS.